2020 changed the way teaching is being delivered. With new virtual formats the ability to record and run sessions across geographies offers many benefits. South West Anaesthesia Pain and Intensive Care Teaching (SWAPIT) Hub was launched in Sept 2020 for trainees in the Bristol School of Anaesthesia. In early 2022, virtual teaching is now hosted on the Deanery website School of Anaesthesia & ICM Training Hub (contact School of Anaesthesia Deanery administrators to obtain a login. #FOAMed for anaesthetic, intensive care and pain trainees or fellows. 


Developed in close conjunction with those at the Bristol School of Anaesthesia, including Tom Simpson and Julie Flowers. A small team of trainees developed the concept, created the website and are managing the approved centralised resource for virtual teaching in the Deanery.

SWAPIT Hub includes:

  • Access to video recordings of regional teaching days

  • Resources for trainees - courses, organisations, and revision tools

  • The innovative Teach-Learn-Reflect (TLR) tool enabling feedback, attendance certificates and rapid reflection for events

  • Tips and tools for organisers and presenters


Includes: Paul Watson (Executive Lead), Sethina Watson, Swati Gupta and Ed Miles (TLR creator)

We aim to have a local lead in each hospital to help facilitate integration of teaching days with the SWAPIT Hub. 


Please send feedback and ideas for improvement to our email below.