DART Course

The DART (Difficult Airway Rescue Techniques) course was designed by Bristol anaesthetic trainees who were looking for ways to improve their airway management skills. This naturally led to the training of others, and eventually in the establishment of DART courses further afield.

The course structure is of five workshops of 45 minutes. The key skills are applicable to use the Difficult Airway Society guidelines in unanticipated difficult intubation. The course is focused on this algorithm to create a sense of simplicity and avoid unwanted ‘noise’. The workshops are led by an anaesthetic trainee and supported by a local airway expert. This encourages peer-to-peer teaching at multiple levels. The cost for the course is £50

  1. Extubation Techniques

  2. Tracheostomy Emergencies

  3. Asleep fibre-optic intubation

  4. Front of neck access

  5. Supraglottic airways, alternative intubating blades and video laryngoscopes

For further details visit www.airwaytraining.co.uk